Award Winning Real Time Strategy

And you don't have to take our word for it - read the reviews. Enemy Nations is one of the highest rated games ever published. Enemy Nations® is quite simply the most sophisticated, most challenging, and most interesting real-time strategy game ever published.

Free Copy! From Windward

After Enemy Nations, Windward studios started making reporting software, please check us out if you need a reporting solution. Windward delivers a kick-ass reporting, document generation, & dashboard system. Available on Java, .NET, & SharePoint. In return for making Enemy Nations freeware, we ask that you watch this (very very funny) 30 second video of A Metaphor for Reporting.    

To download Enemy Nations please click here. And tell your friends, so that you can take them on in an online match!

In Memorium - Eric Dybsand

In Memorium - Eric Dybsand
Eric devoted 20 months of his life to Enemy Nations. He wrote the entire A.I. as well as being a major contributor to the overall design of the game. In addition to that he was an all-around nice guy. Eric died in 2004 from heart problems. The world and the gaming community are poorer for his passing. So the next time the computer opponent attacks you in a totally unexpected way, take a moment to thank Eric. Online Memorial

In Honor of Eric

Eric died needing a new heart. Being an organ donor can save lives. (I have been one my entire life.) Please consider becoming an organ donor. Details are at