network settings Network Game
In a network game you need to select which network protocol you wish to use. Enemy Nations supports each major net protocol.
training grounds Training Grounds
In the Training Grounds you receive your inital mission orders.
pick a race Pick a Race
In both cases you then choose which race you wish to play.

Features Include

  • Native network support for TCP/IP (Internet), IPX (Novell), NETBIOS, TAPI, MODEM, and serial play.
  • No limit on the number of players in multi-player games (only tested to 20 players).
  • Includes a server to find all available other players over the Internet.
  • Twelve races each with significant differences in over 10 attributes.
  • A fully adaptive real-time AI opponent that you can play at 4 levels of difficulty. You will not find this AI at all predictable. (Some game testers complained about the unpredictability of the AI.)
  • The world size is dependent on the number of players so large multi-player games do not put you right next to your opponents.

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