Using Windows
This is Windows, but not the Windows you are used to. While we draw the borders and other parts of the window usually drawn by Windows itself, it all operates exactly as you expect it to.

overlapping windows

Multiple Windows
This includes overlapping windows. So you can view any set of windows you wish to at the same time. No more having to bounce between information windows.

zoom levels

With 4 levels of zoom you can see exactly what you need to in the main map.

rotating the view

With rotation in 4 directions you can see exactly what you need to in the main map.

Features Include

  • Maps randomly generated for each game so you face a new challenge each time you play.
  • Multiple windows of the map so you can see your base and your attack force simultaneously.
  • A true isometric map view with 4 zoom levels and rotation to 4 directions.

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note: All images can be viewed full size by clicking on them. All images have been reduced to 640x480x8. All screen shots were taken from a game running at 1280x1024x24